Global Experts Network

Global Experts Network

We connect the world’s leading senior experts in EPC project management for large industrial plants projects. ProjectTeam® is offering consulting services in project management, contract management and risk management specifically for the EPC industry – energy, oil & gas and chemicals. Consultants are either Direct Partners of ProjectTeam® that act directly under the trademark of ProjectTeam®, or selected experts covered by the frame agreements of the Global Experts Network.

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Centre for Excellence in Project Management Pvt. Ltd. (CEPM)  INDIA

Centre for Excellence in Project Management (CEPM) is the foremost training and consulting organisation in India in the field of modern Project Management. CEPM has been organizing a Global Symposium of Project Management every year since 1992 and has been providing top-rated project management related training for close to two decades. CEPM have conducted over 500 workshops / seminars  in India and outside India and have trained 30,000+ persons on project management.

CEPM provides consultancy services to evolve Strategic Plans, Assess Organization’s PM maturity through our 6 Level PM maturity model (OPM2), MIS, Project Management Systems, Total Quality Management, hand holding to implement Technology Solutions and establishing a PMO. CEPM have done consultancy assignments for leading Indian companies such as Bharat Heavy Electricals (BHEL) which is the largest engineering and manufacturing company in India, Indian Oil Corporation (IOC), India’s only Fortune 500 company, Sterilite Industries, JSW, Robert Bosch, SG Software, Hindalco  etc.

Tiba Group (Germany)

Profit from the dedication and sense of responsibility provided by a medium-sized and owner-operated company with a strong management style. Tiba Managementberatung GmbH was founded in Munich in 1989.

Tiba’s affiliates have different corporate goals from those of Tiba Managementberatung. They function differently as well and offer different services. They therefore act as independent companies.
– Technology Consulting / Tiba Technologieberatung GmbH
– Project Service / Tiba Projektservice GmbH
– Executive Search / Tiba Personalberatung GmbH
– PM Academy / Tiba Business School GmbH
– Coaching / Tiba Coaching GmbH

Please refer to TIBA Portfolio

M8International (Germany)

M8International (“M8”) is a boutique management consultancy established in 2007, a team of globally experienced executives and consultants. Our focus is on complex infrastructure business and capital projects. We help develop projects and businesses, we review projects in execution, analyze business models including strategy, marketing and processes. We consult leadership excellence and competence management. Through our network of excellence we bring global players and specialized smaller tech companies as well as the required experts to the table. We provide the necessary consulting services to reach targeted results.

KPC-Consultants (Switzerland)

KPC-Consultants were founded in 2004 by a group of experienced plant engineering and project management experts that are active in the process and power industry. Their best practice business excellence is based on more than 250 plant projects developed, specified, executed and maintained in the field of process, energy, chemical and oil & gas industries.

KPC developed a holistic digital plant data model compromising the project and plant life cycle from every stakeholder’s perspective (EPC & Owners/ Operators) to improve data (information) access as well as progress, quality and cost control in every phase of the project. This proven digital plant model collects, structures and consolidates all project data from various systems (via standard interfaces) to form a common project portal/ dashboard for all project members. The portal will be delivered as freeware so that no software license is needed.

Please refer to KPC References

Bridgit Shn Bhd (Malaysia)

The ProjectTeam® Global Experts Network welcomes Bridgit Shn Bhd (Malaysia) and its associates PMA Project Management Academy in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia (REP by PMI®) as new partner.

Established in 2000, Bridgit provides project management, consulting, services and training to organisations focused on improving their project performance. Built and manned by multi-disciplined professionals with 100 over years of experience, Bridgit, with its strategic partners, provides a wide spectrum of end-to-end Strategic & Tactical services and solutions to fulfill gaps in project management needs in various industries.

Bridgit with its associates Project Management Academy Sdn Bhd and partners has pioneered strategic and tactical Project Management consulting and training programmes for several organisations all over the world; from South Africa, Australia to the ASEAN region. Please refer to PMA References


EPM Cairo (Egypt)

The ProjectTeam® Global Experts Network welcomes EPM Consultancy in Cairo (Egypt) as new partner. The cooperation agreement was signed in Cairo on January 12, 2016.

EPM “Egyptian Project Management Consultancy” is a Project Management firm founded in Cairo, Egypt in 1986 by Prof. Adel El-Samadony. Prof. El-Samadony is founder and co-chairman of the National Permanent Committee for developing “the Egyptian code for project management”, co-chairman of the “Egyptian Project Management Society” and board member of the Management Engineering Society.

Please refer to EPM References

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