The EPCP® Certification Program

started with the first training in September 2017 in Kuala Lumpur. The training and certification program EPC-Professional EPCP® is being gradually developed with our cooperation Partners Bridgit/ Project Management Academy.


We are ProjectTeam®


We are Project Directors. We know Project reality.

We connect the world’s leading senior experts in EPC project management for large industrial plants projects

  • Energy: Conventional and Nuclear Power Plant Projects
  • Oil & Gas, Refinery Projects
  • Chemical Industry

ProjectTeam® is leader of Innovation Project “EPC 4.0″​. Significant publications include the „Project Management Handbook for EPC“ (2014) and “The Value of BIM” (2021). The company – based in Malaysia and Germany – maintains a Global Experts Network of cooperation- and licensing partners in the field of Project Management Consulting and Training for the Engineering/ Procurement/ Construction (EPC) of large industrial plants. ProjectTeam® in cooperation with its partners world-wide is helping owners/ operators and EPC companies to solve complex issues in risk, contract and claims management, project management processes and digitalization.